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Eco-Friendly, Reusable, Folding, Cold/Hot Beverage Insulator...

Pocket Huggie

It all started with trying to reinventing the wheel...the Koozie.
Making it eco-friendly, reusable and COOL!



No more wet drippy napkins around your drink! The unique patented design provides not only insulation but added support to flimsy cups, cans and bottles. The corrugated, packing-grade cardboard interior stays dry because of the layer of air between the beverage container and the structural "fingers" of the Pocket Huggie. Your drink doesn't condensate and the Pocket Huggie keeps working over and over again!!!


You must try the Pocket Huggie, it is so durable it's simply AMAZING!!! Also GREAT for hot coffee cups, saves in 50-100 plus coffee sleeves and keeps your drink hot or cold! Works like MAGIC! The Pocket Huggie comes in fully printed designs as well as fabric and faux fur designs. Please check out our wonderful variety to match YOUR style or event!

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